Watch Out Tamagotchi… a New Breed of Virtual Pets Have Arrived

There’s a family of new virtual pets in town, and they’re about to take the world by storm!

If you aren’t familiar with Tamagotchi, it’s a virtual pet simulation game that was first released in Japan in 1996. The concept was to inspire humans to raise a digital creature by taking care of it and responding to its needs. Tamagotchi quickly became an international phenomenon, with millions of players around the world caring for their beloved pets each and every day (and night).

Over time, new versions have been released, but it’s safe to say that they are no longer at the forefront of gaming technology, which is where inQubi comes into the picture.

InQubi takes virtual pets and their universe into entirely another (dynamic) dimension. They give you the opportunity to care for and adventure with smart and adorable creatures seeking food, shelter, love, and endless play.

Unlike Tamagotchi which traditionally requires that you purchase a physical digital toy, inQubi comes in the form of an app that can be enjoyed across all of your devices – including phone, tablet, computer, and more.

5 Ways InQubi Is Different from Tamagotchi

There are a number of ways that inQubi is different from Tamagotchi, the following explains in detail:

#1 – InQubi Can Be 100% Free

Tamagotchi virtual pets are only available for purchase in-store and/or online and range from about $14 to thousands of dollars, depending on their rarity.

InQubi differs from Tamagotchi in that scoring a Flappy (our pioneer virtual pet in the form of a flapjack octopus) is 100% free. As you begin caring for and playing with your InQubi, you’ll be able to unlock various games, activities, adventures, accessories, and more without spending a dime.

If you want to jump ahead and adventure through the inQubi universe at your own pace, you can make in-app without breaking the bank. The inQubi team is committed to making sure that everyone has the opportunity to experience and enjoy their creation rather than making the experience expensive and stressful in any way.

#2 – InQubi Are Low Maintenance & They Never Die

As a Tamagotchi’s life span grows, they become much more needy for food and attention, until they eventually pass away. So, it’s safe to say they are high-maintenance at their core. While a Tamagotchi’s life span brings purpose and joy to some, we’ve concluded they can weigh you down a bit… they become more of a burden than pure joy.

On the other hand, an inQubi will never die. Yes, they may have their needs, hopes, and dreams, but if you become overly busy, they’ll be there waiting for you with open arms. We’ve created inQubi to be a joy and adventure rather than a burden.

#3 – InQubi Are More Interactive

inQubi are more interactive than traditional virtual pets. Rather than just feeding and caring for your inQubi, you’ll also be able to play games with them and help them grow up to be happy and healthy.

#4 – inQubi Are Accessible across All Devices

You’ll be able to play with your inQubi on your phone, tablet, or computer. They can literally follow you no matter where you roam.

#5 – They Are Far Cuter

While Tamagotchi has served an important purpose in the progression of virtual pets, it’s time for a fresh, new, and exciting evolution to occur.

This is where inQubi comes into the mix. Our pets are 3D and designed with attention to detail – this even extends to how they move and their penchant for adventure.

Additionally, they will be far more customizable than Tamagotchi. You’ll be able to dress them up with hats, glasses, belts, outfits, and more.

Last Words

While we are excited to launch inQubi, we also want to be clear that we honour the history and contribution that Tamagotchi has made to the world of virtual pets. Without their strides, inQubi may have never been innovated… so that our sweet creatures can be invited into your homes.

You can expect inQubi to be available in Q1. We’ll keep you updated along the way. In the coming days, we’ll introduce several virtual pets, tutorials on how the app will work, and more.

Stay tuned… the fun is just beginning!!