Flappy the Flapjack Octopus

"With eight arms, there's always one for dancing!"

Graceful and lively, Flappy is the heart and soul of the inQubi dance floor. His mesmerising moves, originating from the depth of his essence, captivate every creature, making him a superstar of the inQubi universe. His vanity, though prominent, is outshone by his charismatic performances. With Hoot, their dance-offs become the talk of the town, and with Pengwin’s beats and Turtur’s rhythmic taps, it’s always a party to remember.

What Makes Flappy Unique

Graceful: Flappy’s dance is a sight to behold, pure poetry in motion.

Charismatic: With his charming performances, he wins hearts everywhere.

Life of the Party: His presence lightens up any gathering.

Vain: Flappy knows he’s got the moves and isn’t shy to flaunt them.