7 Reasons You Should Consider Adopting a Virtual Pet

Thinking of adopting a virtual pet… or wonder why anyone would consider adopting them at all?

As the creator of inQubi, an entirely new and exciting breed of virtual pets, we’re excited to reveal why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating the most dynamic and joyful bunch of characters who can’t wait to be adopted and invited into your home.

Just in case you’re new to the concept, inQubi virtual pets are adorable creatures that you can adopt and care for using one or all of your devices. Virtual pets in general have been around since the early days of computing, and offer a unique way to interact with an animal without having to worry about the cost and responsibility of owning a real-life pet.

From providing entertainment to teaching valuable life lessons, virtual pets can be beneficial in many ways, including the following:

#1 – They’re Always There for You

Unlike real pets, virtual pets can always be there for you, no matter what. They’ll never judge you or run away.

At inQubi, we’ve created pets that aren’t high maintenance. They are there for you regardless of how many hours in the day you have for them. Plus, we’ve designed them to be accessible from all of your devices and even be a part of the emails and communications you send to your colleagues, friends, and family (more on this soon!).

#2 – They’re Low Maintenance

Virtual pets are the definition of low maintenance. All they need is a little bit of your time and attention, and they’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about them making a mess or chewing up your favourite pair of shoes.

Unlike Tamagotchi, which requires an all-in commitment to feeding and caring for your pet, we’ve designed caring for you inQubi to be a joy. You won’t have to worry about your inQubi becoming overly demanding… However, you can expect them to want you to adventure with them into their universe, and it may be hard to say no to their invitations.

#3 – They’re Cost-Effective

Adopting a virtual pet is a lot cheaper than adopting a real pet. There’s no need to buy food or toys, you don’t have to worry about vet bills, and you can own as many as you’d like.

At InQubi, we will never require that you spend a dime on your virtual pet. At launch, you will be given the opportunity to adopt Flappy (the Flapjack Octopus) for free and then build your virtual pet family and adventures from there.

You’ll notice there are other inQubi available for purchase in-app if you want to skip ahead and grow your virtual pet family instantly. However, it isn’t a must, you can earn each of the creatures over time by unlocking them as you progress in-game.

#4 – You Can Choose Their Breed… and Even Own Exotic Animals

With inQubi, we’ve created each and every animal to have its own unique personality, desires, penchant for adventure, food preferences, and more. We’ve even taken creative liberties with 3D animation to make their body movements unique to their breed.

#5 – You Can Customise Their Appearance

Another great thing about virtual pets is that you can customise their appearance to suit your taste. This includes outfits, glasses, belts, and all sorts of accessories that give them personality and will make you (and your friends) smile out loud.

#6 -They Won’t Die on You

One of the hardest things to stomach when you have a real pet is the fact that they will eventually die. With a virtual pet, you can love, care for, and own them forever without the fear of losing them.

With inQubi, we’ve designed our pets to live forever, unlike other virtual pets on the market. Some are designed to have desperate needs, and if they aren’t met they’ll die. We don’t like this model, as it makes the process more stressful and less joyful over time.

#7 – They’re Just Plain Fun!

At the end of the day, virtual pets are just plain fun! They’re cute, cuddly, and always there for you when you need them.


We’re excited to announce that you’ll be able to adopt Flappy beginning in Q1! We invite you to join our mailing list to be the first to know when you can officially download the inQubi Companion App to begin the adventure. Click here to sign up.