Mini-Games for You and Your InQubi

As humans, we are designed for companionship. It’s vital to our everyday life that we find ways to connect with and care for other beings. That’s why we’ve been hard at work creating the InQubi, lovable virtual pets for you to play with, nurture, and create a close bond with.

And nothing helps to foster healthy and happy InQubi relationships quite like having a bit of fun.

InQubi love to play, so we created mini-games for you and your pet to enjoy. The more games you play, the closer you become with each other, and the more exciting activities will open up to you.

It all begins with two unique minigames: The InQubi Shuffle and The Bounce Game.

Both of these games will be immediately available for you and your pet upon the launch of the Companion App at the end of March, so keep your eyes and ears wide open for more news!

Let the Mini-Games Begin

Grab your InQubi and get ready for some serious fun.

Upon the launch of our Companion App in March, you and your virtual pet will have two unique game modes to enjoy.

Let’s start with InQubi Shuffle.

In this minigame, your pet starts feeling a bit mischievous and decides to hide under one of three (3) cups.

You’ve got to be quick and find your InQubi!

But, alas, they did not make it very easy for you. All of the cups will slide around and shuffle to try and make you lose focus. Keep careful watch and pick the cup that your virtual pet is hiding beneath to win the round.

The more rounds you progress through, the faster the cups will shuffle, increasing the challenge. Go as far as you can to score high, and make sure to share a few laughs with your InQubi along the way.

But this isn’t all you can do. Next up is The Bounce Game.

It’s time for you and your pet to work on your teamwork and dexterity by bouncing a small ball on your pet’s head.

This is all about timing and teamwork. Use the controls to move left and right to keep the ball bouncing. The longer the ball is in play, the faster and more erratic its movements will be, making it increasingly more challenging to keep off the ground.

The longer you last, the greater your score will be.

And why do we care about score? Well, let’s talk about rewards.

InQubi Currency

We all know that solidifying our bond with our pet is the ultimate goal of these mini-games, but that’s not to say we haven’t found other ways to reward your efforts.

Participating in mini-games and earning higher scores will entitle you to earn the brand-new in-game currency, Qubes.

Qubes are earned through hitting and/or exceeding a specific score in each mini-game and can be used to buy various game items.

Essentially, the more you play, the more earning potential you have. Increase your teamwork and skills to bring in the big bucks. Plus, there is no limit to how many games you can play each day, so make sure to take full advantage of the opportunity!

More Minis in the Making

If you’ve got the itch for more mini-games to play with your InQubi, fret not – more is certainly on the way.

Following later updates, we plan to release mini-games in sets of two, so there’s always something for you and your pet to look forward to.

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