7 Worldwide Statistics About Pet Ownership That May Surprise You

Furry paws, wagging tails, fabulous whiskers, scales, and colorful feathers – there are so many things to love about owning a pet!

These sweet animals offer companionship and affection, not to mention fun as we observe their antics and unique personalities that are often captured in pictures or on videos.

Today, we look at worldwide statistics about pet ownership that may surprise you. Have a look below at some of the fun facts we uncovered.

#1 – Only 33% of Households Worldwide Have Pets… However…

33% might seem like a small number, but if you look at the number of pets owned, it does stack up to quite a lot!

The Zebra notes that the total number of pet dogs in the world comes in at 471 million, while pet cats are slightly less at 370 million across the globe. That being said, cats are pretty popular in Europe, with about 110.15 million pet cats making them one of the most popular types of pets on this continent.

The COVID pandemic lockdowns also contributed to a rise in pet ownership, with around two million people adopting a pet in the UK, and more than a million Aussie pets finding a home when the pandemic hit its peak.

#2 – Pet Owners Love to Spoil Their Furry Friends

Are pet owners big spenders? The statistics indicate that this might just be true!

Here are some facts from Pet Secure:
● American pet parents pay about $50 billion yearly for their pets. Added to this, Norwegian pay about $629 per year on dog food.
● They are big on pet birthdays too – about 36% buy their dogs birthday presents!
● Also, they love having special memories of their pets, with 27% having spent money on pro photography.

#3 – The most expensive pet to date… has hooves!

In a top ten list by Finances Online, the honor of most expensive pet goes to The Green Monkey, a thoroughbred Kentucky Derby bred horse that cost a whopping $16 million in 2006.

You might be surprised by the number three contender on this list of ten, too: it’s none other than Bluefin tuna! Bluefin can easily fetch $1.8 million, and if you ask a conservationist, they will likely tell you that it is best to avoid consuming these fish, as they are being overfished.

#4 – Easy does it: Tortoises top the list of pets that live the longest

When it comes to pets with lots of longevity, tortoises can live close to or even over a century. Popular breeds such as the Giant Tortoise are some of the oldest pets, with the smaller Hermann’s Tortoise also garnering some decades behind its name (reaching 90 years of age easily!).

#5 – Dogs are true globetrotters

Did you know that dogs account for about 58% of traveling pets globally? On their heels are cats at 22%, but pet birds and horses also account for some pet travel!

Many pets have seen air travel too, with Forbes noting that about 404,556 animals took to the sky in 2019.

#6 – The Mexican hairless dog has been around for thousands of years – and they can make pretty good pets for some owners that often suffer from allergies!

Xoloitzcuintlis, also called Xolo or the Mexican hairless dog, has been around for roughly 3,000 years. Archeologists have noted that these sturdy pups were companions for the first humans that crossed the Bering Strait.

Xolos come in three varieties, namely toy, miniature and standard, and are either hairless or coated. According to the American Kennel Club, this breed is known to not cause so much trouble for those who suffer from dog allergies (although it is still best to suss this out before committing to purchasing a pup).

#7 – TikTok famous? You can bet on it!

This social platform is a minefield of entertaining pet videos, with various pets ruling the roost in popularity. According to The Scotsman, the golden retriever comes out as the top dog in terms of dog videos viewed, noting that goldenretriever has bagged 21.2 billion views (as of the end of February 2023).

Did you enjoy our facts about worldwide pet ownership?

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