The Role of Virtual Pets in Promoting Empathy and Compassion in Children

Virtual pets have been long beloved and admired for over two decades, and the latest iteration is well on its way with inQubi – the fun-loving, curious creatures that live inside your techie devices.

Whether it’s a puppy, cat, or giraffe, virtual pets have become an important part of many children’s lives and are helping to create a world with more compassionate and empathetic individuals.

Not only do they provide kids with the opportunity to learn about responsibility, but they also teach valuable lessons that can help foster strong social skills in children.

Raising Kind Humans

Researchers have found in recent studies that children who own physical pets tend to have a higher aptitude for both empathy and compassion – towards both humans and animals alike.

But, according to Yueh-Feng Tsai of Simon Fraser University, a 2008 study showed that playing with and caring for virtual pets for three weeks also had a positive effect on the children, showing similar results.

It was also revealed that the kids that were really invested and close with their virtual pet in the game showed further elevated empathy scores.

In fact, some of the kids loved their virtual pets so much that they formed real emotional bonds.

The digitized dogs were no longer just a program. Rather, some of the children began treating their pooch like a real, living creature – caring delicately for the pup’s individual needs, emotions, and interests.

Although the study was conducted over a relatively short period of time, the impacts were very real. Just imagine what the long-term effects could look like and how they could benefit your child as they grow up!

How Does It Work?

It’s no surprise that having a physical pet can help to foster healthy emotional growth in children – the warmth they bring, the puppy kisses, the running around outside together… but, as previously discussed, virtual pets can also jump in on the fun.

InQubi do this extremely well – these spunky critters in your phone are not only super cute to look at, but the perfect companion for you and your child.

Let your kiddo start to explore what it means to have responsibilities, to care for another creature, and to enhance humane feelings.

From the moment they open the application the first time, your child will be peppered with all sorts of new and rewarding experiences.

It all begins with Flappy, a sweet and caring octopus who loves to play, be silly, eat yummy food, and go on exciting adventures – all of which can help instill an understanding of how to care for another creature.

Oh, and did we mention… no vet bills, no exercise required, no messes on the floor, and they’re always around when you need them!

Final Thoughts

Virtual pets are a great way to boost children’s empathy and compassion.

Not only do they provide kids with the opportunity to learn about responsibility and taking care of others, but they also help reduce stress levels while teaching them important lessons like resolving conflicts peacefully.

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