How inQubi Virtual Pets Work

Welcome to inQubi! If you’re reading this blog post, we can’t tell you how excited we are to explain our vision and how our virtual pets work.

Before we dive into the specifics, we’d first like to share a bit about inQubi and what drove our inspiration to create a troop of adorable, loving creatures ready to move into your virtual world.

inQubi was envisioned by a group of friends who have a love for pets of all shapes and sizes. We love the worlds of gaming, art, collecting, space, and science.

We’ve also all delved into the virtual pet world from the mid-90s and had a blast feeding virtual animals, playing with them, and trying our best to keep them alive and thriving – which leads us to the here and now: inQubi!

The official launch of inQubi is around the corner, so we wanted to prepare you for what is to come! The following is some basic information and instruction on how you’ll get started and what you’ll be able to do with your inQubi.

#1 – It All Starts with the inQubi Companion App

The first step will be to download the inQubi Companion App. Depending on your device, you’ll head to your app store, search for “inQubi Companion App”, and then download it for FREE.

Our app will always be free to download.

#2 – Open the App Up and Get Started

After you’ve downloaded the inQubi Companion App, you’ll be prompted to open an account and can then officially invite Flappy, an adorable little Flapjack Octopus, into your virtual world.

Adopting Flappy free. You can enjoy everything that the inQubi universe has to offer with him by your side.

You’ll also notice there are other animals that can be purchased. You don’t have to worry about purchasing them to start – it’s totally up to you. We think Flappy is an awesome companion, so why not get started with him and then decide if you want to adopt another pet in the near future?

#3 – Customize Your Pet

Next, you’ll be able to give your pet a name and spruce them up with clothing, cats, glasses, belts, and more. The secret to your success here is to have fun and express yourself.

#4 – Nurture Your Pet, Play Games with It, and More!

Once you’ve adopted your pet, you’ll be able to spend time with him/her, feed it, play games, and more. It’s up to you how you want to spend time with him/her. Follow on-screen prompts to navigate through the inQubi console and universe.

#5 – Adventure & Unlock New Treats + Experiences

We’ve designed inQubi to be an ever-expanding universe where you’ll be able to unlock new games, experiences, treats, accessories, and even pets. It all starts with you nurturing Flappy, and the rest will unfold as the hours and days progress.

And of course, you’ll be given in-app purchase options if you’d like to indulge in some accessories for your pet (before they’re unlocked for free) or if you’d like to add another pet to your inQubi family prior to unlocking them.

We designed inQubi to be affordable, so you’ll never have to worry about spending much on in-app purchases.

But please note: You don’t ever have to spend a dime to enjoy the full joy and adventure of bringing an inQubi bet into your life.

What You Can Expect in the Future

Our launch will only be the beginning! We’re working on creating an entire universe of fun and adventure, where you will build strong bonds with your animal(s), learn new things about science and the universe, and more.

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