The inQubi In-Game Currency: How to Earn Qubes and How They Work

InQubi love to have fun playing games, exploring the universe, and relaxing with their favourite person (you!).

While we find it rewarding to simply spend time with them, there are extra incentives to make sure you love your entire inQubi experience.

By spending time with your virtual pet and taking part in all the activities, you will get to earn Qubes, the in-game currency that can be used to unlock new items, mini-games, and more.

How To Earn

Earning Qubes is a simple task and will organically flow into your wallet if you’re spending quality time with your virtual pet.

The easiest way to earn some extra Qubes is by simply logging in each day. Your inQubi just wants to say hi, and turning on the app for a quick moment will reward you with a bit of extra change.

Interacting with your pet through mini-games is another excellent way to bring in some extra Qubes.

The better you and your friend do, the higher your score – the more Qubes you’ll earn at the end of the game.

Lastly, you can get more Qubes by feeding and caring for your pet. It’s important for your inQubi to stay happy and healthy, and one of the best ways to ensure this is a healthy, variety-filled diet and lots of love.

How Can I Use My Qubes?

Now that you’ve got your hard-earned Qubes, you can buy all kinds of goodies for you and your best friend.

To start, you can accessorise your inQubi and really showcase their unique personality with funky hats, classy glasses, cute backpacks, and lots more.

Then, you can purchase some new kinds of food, which will expand your pets’ taste palette and give different rewards for feeding. Each unique cuisine grants different boons, so make sure to try them all.

But that’s not all – in fact, if you save up enough Qubes, you can unlock and adopt even more inQubi to add to your family. Collect them all, and grow your pack!

Lastly, soon you will be able to use your saved-up Qubes to send your pets on adventures to worlds unknown (stay tuned for updates on this!). Your virtual friend loves to learn and explore, and they will use their teleportation abilities to scour the stars and planets in search of new information.

Final Thoughts

We’ve only just begun – expect to see more ways to both earn and use your Qubes in the future.

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